Oil & Water

Oil & Water by Destiny KinalWhile the research on Oil & Water is completed, and part of the text was accepted for Destiny Kinal’s MFA at Bennington in early 1998, this third novel in the Textile Trilogy is still percolating in Kinal’s creative space.

This book was begun first because it most closely reflects her own family’s experience on the early oil fields. Kinal plans to pit the vision of the future as represented by the Arts and Crafts Movement with their synthesis of heart, hand and eye to create objects of beauty and authenticity against the vision of the Petroleum Age and the despoiling of the environment that followed.

The purpose of this brand of new historical fiction, also called reinhabitory fiction, is to reinhabit crossroads of history where we, as a people, made certain decisions to go forward with values that we may now regret, having seen their outcome. Reinhabiting the past at the street level, and reinterring values we have buried “in that vast cemetery of forgetting,” (Milan Kundera) allows us to consider alternative futures.

In the marriage of Philip Sechinger and Sarah Noonan, the two forces that vied to define modernity, compete for supremacy.

Oil & Water is the concluding volume of the Textile Trilogy.