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Green Jobs and the Edible Schoolyard

In response to the article in the April 28 issue of East Bay Express airing the controversy about the value of Alice Waters inspired Edible Schoolyard at King Middle School, Caitlan Flanagan writing in The Atlantic misses the essential point. … Read More

What makes Burning Silk a Reinhabitory Novel?

In case you wondered… What makes Burning Silk a Reinhabitory Novel? I had been waiting for someone to ask the question. David Simpson did. What makes Burning Silk a reinhabitory novel and further, what makes the book ideal to introduce … Read More

Humanifesto #2

Autumn equinox 2009 My grandson Rowan is weeping. I wonder: Am I too late to this wake? We’re not going to make it, I suddenly realize. My grandson, nine years old and a nature buff, recently spent a half day … Read More

Humanifesto #1

Autumn equinox, 2008 A Humanifesto To those of my friends and family who are still undecided about this US Presidential election of 2008. I believe that your vote in this election will determine the future of this country and the … Read More

Linen Shroud: Prologue

Lazarus pricked his ears, then hand-signaled to Threadneedle: You circle to the right. I go left. The two men, father and son, moved quietly, in random patterns to avoid detection, starting and stopping as the leaf trembles in the wind … Read More

Linen Shroud: Afterword

The first two novels of the Textile Trilogy, each based on a fiber, are fused style to substance, silk being sensual and electric, linen being difficult to process but long-lasting. The theme and style of each novel reflects the substance … Read More

Burning Silk: Excerpt

Intermezzo Strawberry Full Moon, 1839 It was only much later, months after Lischen was born, that Catherine discovered how her sister and niece had spent the Strawberry Full Moon that came right after MidSummer. She found the recipe sitting at … Read More

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