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The Big Daddy of all the Book Fairs: Frankfurter Buchmesse

As a spanking new press with one publication–Burning Silk, my first novel in the Textile Trilogy–and another in the pipeline, going to Europe to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair would have been a case of the intent of our grasp … Read More

Writers and Publishers Mix it Up in Europe: the first blog en route to the Frankfurt Book Fair

In the month that I am here in Europe, between three countries–Holland, France and Germany–half is dedicated to research and to writing on my second novel in the Textile Trilogy, Linen Shroud. I follow Carole Maso’s dictum that form should … Read More

The Dutch Resistance Museum: an hour of powerful sentiments unrolls across days

Luckily, a sign at the beginning of the museum explained something I would have had to deduce from the entire display: In 1941, the Dutch were divided about the German occupation, most complacent as the Germans made a great show … Read More

De Kat, the Cat: the windmill that produces colors

Wednesday was going to be a sunny day, the weather projections forecasted, and so we planned our trip to Zaanse Schwanz [sic]for that day. There, the brochure promised, we would find a village which had been an industrial center with … Read More

The Turkish Hamman

We were greeted by a beautiful friendly woman in a flowered headscarf and taken through our options. She and I each spoke a little French and so we communicated this way. We chose a program from the middle of the … Read More

Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement

This was a difficult day I am not going to write about. Into every holiday, a little rain must fall: a failed fast, a silenced bell tower, a closed Portuguese synagogue, time in pharmacies, aching feet…..

Museum Canal Boat

Today we took a canal boat to three museums, a lovely way to view the city. A ticket allows you to get on and off at any of a dozen stops on the loop. The tour of Ann Frank House … Read More

Lost in Amsterdam

My friend Judy from Findley Lake, our family’s home, arrived around noon and wanted to head right out. Directional coordinates are difficult in a semicircular city where street names change often. And so we promptly got lost which– as every … Read More

Nieuwemarkt, Amsterdam

Todd and Barbara’s canal house has a footprint of approximately 16 feet square. Land is at a premium in Amsterdam; houses were taxed on their footprint so thrifty Amsterdammers built up. My room is under the roof beams, up a … Read More

Frankfurt to Amsterdam

I begin to suspect the train has crossed the border from Germany to Holland by the resemblance to landscapes and homes found in Flemish art: the pitch of the roofs; dirt road through an esplanade of poplars. I knew that … Read More

The Metises: designer people engineered by the continent

In fact, I STILL didn’t know what my novel was about, after completing it in Taos NM at the end of 2005, dazzled by the compelling eroticism. The journal I kept named the tribes I passed through, Hopi, Navajo, and … Read More

Am I embarrassed by the sex scenes I have written?

A good friend and writer who will remain unnamed commented on the steamy sex in Burning Silk. “I have been reading your book. I am a bit embarrassed by the sex scenes between the two women. Does anyone else feel … Read More

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