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The Turkish Hamman

We were greeted by a beautiful friendly woman in a flowered headscarf and taken through our options. She and I each spoke a little French and so we communicated this way. We chose a program from the middle of the … Read More

Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement

This was a difficult day I am not going to write about. Into every holiday, a little rain must fall: a failed fast, a silenced bell tower, a closed Portuguese synagogue, time in pharmacies, aching feet…..

Museum Canal Boat

Today we took a canal boat to three museums, a lovely way to view the city. A ticket allows you to get on and off at any of a dozen stops on the loop. The tour of Ann Frank House … Read More

Lost in Amsterdam

My friend Judy from Findley Lake, our family’s home, arrived around noon and wanted to head right out. Directional coordinates are difficult in a semicircular city where street names change often. And so we promptly got lost which– as every … Read More

Nieuwemarkt, Amsterdam

Todd and Barbara’s canal house has a footprint of approximately 16 feet square. Land is at a premium in Amsterdam; houses were taxed on their footprint so thrifty Amsterdammers built up. My room is under the roof beams, up a … Read More

Frankfurt to Amsterdam

I begin to suspect the train has crossed the border from Germany to Holland by the resemblance to landscapes and homes found in Flemish art: the pitch of the roofs; dirt road through an esplanade of poplars. I knew that … Read More

The Metises: designer people engineered by the continent

In fact, I STILL didn’t know what my novel was about, after completing it in Taos NM at the end of 2005, dazzled by the compelling eroticism. The journal I kept named the tribes I passed through, Hopi, Navajo, and … Read More

Am I embarrassed by the sex scenes I have written?

A good friend and writer who will remain unnamed commented on the steamy sex in Burning Silk. “I have been reading your book. I am a bit embarrassed by the sex scenes between the two women. Does anyone else feel … Read More

David v. Goliath, lit small press v. publishing behemoth: will it work?

Hello editors, I am an Erie PA native, living parttime in Berkeley CA and parttime in Western NYS–Chautauqua County and in the Penn-York Valley south oMy first novel in the Textile Trilogy was just released a month ago from sitio … Read More

Matrilineality and honoring our foremothers

Today I had an extraordinary encounter with a foremother, an ancestor who stood firm in her vision during the years when deals were being struck and friendships betrayed. I was first attracted by Sally Roesch Wagner’s book Sisters in Spirit … Read More

Interview with Jason Wright publisher of Oddball Magazine

I’m attending a week’s certification course in Literary Small Press Publishing at Emerson College in Boston MA with a dozen other small press entrepreneurs. Yesterday, Jason Wright of Oddball Magazine interviewed me about my recently released book Burning Silk, doing … Read More

Green Jobs and the Edible Schoolyard

In response to the article in the April 28 issue of East Bay Express airing the controversy about the value of Alice Waters inspired Edible Schoolyard at King Middle School, Caitlan Flanagan writing in The Atlantic misses the essential point. … Read More

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