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Plants at the Dye Barn

Here are three of the four major dye plants we are growing at our dye barn and gardens: Sulphur Cosmos which gives a splendid orange: And purple pincushion which is one of the ph sensitive dye plants, ranging from yellow … Read More

Meet the comfrey plant…

If you’re not already familiar with the comfrey plant, it’s a cell proliferator. Meaning it will grow skin fast over a cut, burn or blister. Warning: don’t put it over an infected wound as it will trap the infection, making … Read More

Oil & Water

Oil & Water will be released Fall 2024. While the research on Oil & Water is completed, and part of the text was accepted for Destiny Kinal’s MFA at Bennington in early 1998, this third novel in the Textile Trilogy is … Read More

The Power of Art in A Political Age, by David Brooks, New York Times

Brooks throws out a life raft to climb aboard when you are feeling isolated and low saying “Sometimes I feel like I’m in a daily struggle not to become a shallower version of myself.” He continues to list the variables … Read More


I started writing professionally as a journalist for the Aspen paper. Those of you who have seen The Post about the daily life on a newspaper before Watergate, in Katherine Graham’s era in the 1960s, will appreciate the very hands-on … Read More

Carantouan Greenway Project

Connectivity on trails and wildlife corridors for the Upper Susquehanna/Finger Lakes Bioregion Presented by Destiny Kinal, Reinhabitory Institute This presentation was prepared and circulated in the last quarter of 2017 not only for the managers of trails systems, but also … Read More

Sex, Time and Prophecy

Sex, Time and Prophecy: why women evolved to envision and how that learned ability can lead us toward a livable future. Prophecy is the ability to learn from time. Social scientists and anthropologists Leonard Shlain, Helen Fisher and Marija Gimbutas … Read More

Linen Shroud Book Release Parties

A number of celebrations heralded the release of Linen Shroud. September 22, 2017 Book Party in East Bay, Salute E Vita, Marina Bay, Richmond, CA autumn equinox. Watching the sun set on autumn equinox over Mt. Tamalpais. Bubbly and heavy … Read More

Destiny Kinal Interviews Delphine Montour from Linen Shroud

Delphine Montour metis woman of 55 years French and Seneca/Haudenosaunee (Iroquois.) Born 1810 at Buffalo Creek Interview conducted by Destiny Kinal, author of Linen Shroud DK: Did the boarding school experience at the Thomas School account for your separation from … Read More

Finding Diamonds in the Dustbin of the 19th Century

In Linen Shroud Destiny Kinal beautifully illuminates how our ancestors approached conundrums similar to the ones we are facing in our time now, with vibrantly alive characters expressing both Native and European values. How does flax—a tough and finicky plant … Read More

Project Grow on Midday Makeover WENY TV

WENY News   From The Wellness Arts Network: “Many years ago when I lived in the counter cultural world, a group of people noticed that we have had  – as a species – special relationships with our watershed homelands. Weather, … Read More

Will it Fly?

I often wonder if it would make interesting reading if I wrote about the indignity of being managed by and for machines. We may have bristled and, on a bad day, may still bristle, but we have been tamed to … Read More

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