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From The Wellness Arts Network:
“Many years ago when I lived in the counter cultural world, a group of people noticed that we have had  – as a species – special relationships with our watershed homelands. Weather, plants, foods, etc., characterize that specific ‘place’. In France they call it pays. You may have heard it referred to as terroir.

Colonial powers did not recognize the organizing principle of watershed when they came to this continent. In the mid-70-‘s, bioregionalists called that to everyone’s attention. Within a short time, bioregional watershed organizations began to spring up around the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Destiny Kinal is a co-founder of Reinhabitory Institute, a not for profit based on bioregional principles working in three parts of our country, New York and Pennsylvania –Penn York Valley south of Ithaca– and northern California. Reinhabitory Institute deals with products and services that interest us, specifically in what characterizes our watershed – where we live, where we operate and where we do business. Destiny is also the author of the award-winning Textile Trilogy.”

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