David v. Goliath, lit small press v. publishing behemoth: will it work?

Hello editors,

I am an Erie PA native, living parttime in Berkeley CA and parttime in Western NYS–Chautauqua County and in the Penn-York Valley south oMy first novel in the Textile Trilogy was just released a month ago from sitio tiempo press, an imprint of Reinhabitory Institute.

What?! you might say if you are paying attention.

Reinhabitory Institute was founded to bring the principles and practices of the love and care of your home watershed into every neighborhood, school and home in the United States–and beyond.

What makes the first novel published by sitio tiempo “reinhabitory” is the subject of a blog on my website and without a doubt, for the editor with a nose for news, The Story: https://destinykinal.com/cms/blog/index/blogbyid/blog_id/105

Yes there’s much more to the story than woman-who-grew-up-in-Erie-publishes-novel-to-critical-acclaim…though I’d be happy with that story…as would you. I’m told I do a terrific interview and yes, I would be delighted to come into the studio for a live interview.

The other terrific story is this one: traditional publishing is crumbling (5 giants owns all the trade publishing houses now, all focused on the bottom line.) Does it make for a good read, great literature? The clarion call has been sounded and scores of new paradigms in publishing are out of the gate. Without a doubt, the internet is making it a whole new game: book tours, book reviews, conversations about books–all are happening on line.

Our virtual book club will go up within the month as friends and fan read and want to discuss Burning Silk.

I once was a maven in the world of targeted marketing (I introduced the Fortune 500 consumer goods companies to segmentation by values and lifestyles (VALS), demographics and product usage–all mixed up in a lethal cocktail, back in the day.) i have never liked mass marketing. Target audiences for this book include French Huguenots, textile artists, American history buffs, native Americans, the GLBT community…and none of them have anything in common with
each other except that they will all enjoy this book.

Book sales, so far as we are concerned, is back to the personal network–mostly online.

The personal relationship between writer and reader is being restored by a most unlikely medium: the computer.

Question is: will it work? Will David be able to tilt with Goliath?

Another question: what will happen to bookstores?

Another question: what will happen to books?

Our strategy for this book on the ground is simple: reading, creating a stir (if possible) where I/the author has lived and has family and friends.

So from central NY/PA to western NY/PA, I will work my networks like I am doing now, supported by the staff at sitio tiempo press back in Berkeley.

After that, I will be reading around the SF Bay Area, then back to New England. Finally, in December, I will be down in south Florida. With my personal networks exhausted, and my online community expanding, we shall see if “the book has legs.” And that will be the proof of the pudding for one small literary press. With our technique sharpened, we will introduce our next book–poet Jerry Martien’s The Authentic Life, another look at the iconic Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County Wars, presaging what is happening on our borderlands today. Yes another reinhabitory novel (with a lesson for us to examine encapsulated in it) from sitio tiempo press.