Am I embarrassed by the sex scenes I have written?

A good friend and writer who will remain unnamed commented on the steamy sex in Burning Silk.
“I have been reading your book. I am a bit embarrassed by the sex scenes between the two women. Does anyone else feel that way? However, the very good writing helps one to feel that the writer knows what she is doing!”

My response: “Truth?–I feel a bit more than embarrassed about the sex scenes between the two women. I consider it an act of negative capability (or whatever we call that thing Keats described) that I not only achieved it–you should read my essay on how I did it from the Taos residency which I will post here up on my blog. Not only that I wrote it but that I had the guts to publish it. I stand behind it, discomfort and all. My question to my friend: did the hetero sex scenes embarrass you as well?”

Here follows the essay I wrote at a residency in Taos NM about writing Burning Silk and how I came to include the detailed erotic scenes that will always characterize the book…and make it controversial..