Destiny Kinal

In addition to being a writer, Destiny Kinal is a bioregionalist, lifelong political activist, and community organizer. The award-winning Burning Silk, her first novel in The Textile Trilogy, is followed by the release of the second book. Linen Shroud, set around the US Civil War, marks a point in the nineteenth century when we suffered losses that are only possible to retrieve today, with solar and wind energy poised to replace the extractives that are killing us. The Textile Trilogy reprises these losses with the concluding novel, Oil & Water.

The Textile Trilogy

The Textile Trilogy invites readers to discover for themselves what we may have left behind of inestimable value in the 19th century that we can marry to the best of the 20th.

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Burning Silk by Destiny Kinal
Linen Shroud by Destiny Kinal
Oil & Water by Destiny Kinal