Destiny Kinal

In addition to being a writer, Destiny Kinal is a bioregionalist, lifelong political activist, and community organizer. The award-winning Burning Silk, her first novel in The Textile Trilogy, is followed by the release of the second book. Linen Shroud, set around the US Civil War, marks a point in the nineteenth century when we suffered losses that are only possible to retrieve today, with solar and wind energy poised to replace the extractives that are killing us. The Textile Trilogy reprises these losses with the concluding novel, Oil & Water.

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“The French Huguenot Duladiers have become successful entrepreneurs in the New World, establishing a thriving silk business, a linen concern, as well as a foothold in opium and tobacco production. Their good fortunes, though, are dependent upon intermarriage with the Montours, who have Native American and French ancestry. The author’s knowledge of the silk and linen trades remains notable. Like its predecessor (Burning Silk, 2010) a wildly imaginative . . . piece.”


“. . . a stupendous book—ambitious, profound, ably executed and compelling.”


Linen Shroud (2017) is the central novel in The Textile Trilogy, preceded by the award-winning Burning Silk (2010) and followed by Oil & Water (2024). The Textile Trilogy is an Alte Sachlichkeit—the daily reality of the 19th century in the Northeast United States restored,  illuminating valuable practices we abandoned there, in that “vast cemetery of forgetting.”

Two families, the Native American Montours and the French Huguenot Duladiers, who met and became entangled in Burning Silk, join together as one family in Linen Shroud to meet the searing conflicts that surround the Civil War. If the transformation of flax into linen is tough, the mixed blood/métis family find that their diametrically opposed ways-of-life present not only insurmountable challenges but also life-changing revelations.

								 								 								 								 								 								 Destiny Kinal

Oil & Water opens the lens on the ongoing battle between the Petroleum Age and the Art-and-Crafts Movement, resonating with today’s struggle between capital and human values.

The themes of Oil & Water, the concluding novel in The Textile Trilogy, echo those dramatized in Linen Shroud: freedom wrought from the struggle of the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution for all suppressed peoples including women and Native Americans.

Oil & Water morphs into a speculative novel. The author, Destiny Kinal, could not bear to write one more novel in which the metises and Native People of this continent are robbed of their legacies in land, tobacco and oil...much less one more novel about women robbed of their creative energy by negligent, threatened or entitled men.

In this final novel, the reader is led to conclude that matrilineality–a Native way-of-life where men and women have shared power for millennia–and patriarchy, a system of the dominance of one gender, are not compatible.

The Textile Trilogy

The Textile Trilogy invites readers to discover for themselves what we may have left behind of inestimable value in the 19th century that we can marry to the best of the 20th.

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Burning Silk by Destiny Kinal
Linen Shroud by Destiny Kinal
Oil & Water by Destiny Kinal