Deconstructing the descriptive words in the author’s bio, Destiny Kinal is a lifelong political activist and community organizer, whose writing has spanned the range from journalist in Aspen CO… to analyst of new values and lifestyles to the Fortune 500…to book artist in France’s book village in the Languedoc…to bioregionalist whose work on the Susquehanna echoed those of her colleagues in other watersheds. Now publisher of the new sitio tiempo press, an imprint of Reinhabitory Institute, Kinal finds the process of discovery involved in reinhabitatory strategies compels most of her friendships and travels, while being a good grandmother and aunt steers her toward tactics: programs and publications for children to discover their own reinhabitory strategies and values. Her first novel, Burning Silk is a feminist historical novel,it includes detailed erotic scenes that will always characterize the book…and make it controversial. For more information on Destiny go to her Wiki Site.